Friday, April 9, 2010

Zero and small update

I finally called Zero today about the door thresholds and the drop door bottom.

The threshold (564A) is $8.41 a foot and I need 60 inches so 5 feet exactly. I think I will just get 2 @ 3 feet so the cut doesn't have to be perfect. The total is $50.46.

The little guy that goes on the bottom of the door (119WB) is $2.31 a foot so 2 @ 3 feet is $13.86

For the drop bottom (365A), the cost is $76 for 16-36 inches. I'm not sure I need this.

So total without drop bottom is $64.32, with is $140.32. I didn't think to ask about handling fees, but shipping is through UPS.

Catalog is here:

Main site is here:

All prices are list. I suppose I could try to find a sales guy but the nearest sales is in Fleetwood, PA.

Oh, and I had to paint the ceiling again this morning. I also sanded the areas I compounded last night and reprimed them too. Feeling tired today! On the way home I am going to stop at Home Depot and get some cleaning and paint supplies and the leveling compound. Right now I am thinking I might just get the first coat of paint on the walls before the leveling just in case it splatters. I am going to try to reach Dave tonight to see if he can tell me if I can finish both coats.

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