Sunday, March 14, 2010

Started the ceiling

This was a pretty good week mostly because I took off Friday to work on the basement.

- Monday - Finished the final piece of drywall on the side wall
- Tuesday - Spend the night working on mounts for the clips where the soffit sticks out. The mounts had to be attached to 2x4s that were above the bottoms of the joists because the drywall on the sides of the soffit extended past the bottom of the joists.
- Wednesday - Gregg came over and we added the 2x6s between the joists that allow the clips to be within 4 inches of the walls. We did an entire side which was great progress.
- Thursday - (morning) Put insulation up in the void with the flexi tube.
- Friday (day off) - Did the remaining braces, cut the 1/2 drywall around the door, caulked the entire room, floors, wall joints and anything that was a bigger gap that normal.
- Saturday This was an interesting day. The weather was terrible. The wind blew a tree down on our yard that was probably 50-60 years old. It landed on our neighbor's house. They were very gracious about it. We will have to have the stump removed, but damage where act of nature is concerned is covered by the owner of the home with the damage. This happened while Joe Jordan Ian and I were attempting to reach the Poconos for a ski trip. Joe's truck's windshield wiper broke and we were able to find a mechanic but he said it was stripped and would likely break again. We turned around with the intent of switching cars, but in the opposite lane of 476 there was a truck on fire and traffic was standing still. We decided to bag the trip though I guess we could have taken 309. Saturday night I redid the mounts I did on Tuesday because I realized if I made the clips like an X I could get the about an inch closer to the wall. I also made a plan for the ceiling that only requires accurate placement of two of the channels. I realized one wall is not parallel, it is about an 1 further one at one end of the room.
- Today I put up 3 hat channel strips. That leaves 3 1/2 to do. I just did some caulking, if it dries in time tonight I will put up the drywall around the door.

I spent some time trying to plan treatments this week as well. I think I will end up getting the Realtrap diffusors. I'm not sure what to do about the corners yet. I will probably seek more advice on the TapeOp forum.

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