Sunday, March 7, 2010

Inching closer

I feel like I lost a bunch of momentum when I realized the floor was going to be a difficult project. I sent some broken pieces with my mom today so my dad could look at them. If they aren't asbestos, the whole thing would be much easier. If they are, the choice will be to go over everything, or to pay for the removal in the room. The later could be pretty expensive...

- I returned to the Ace were I got the hat channel, and got 10 ft. Turns out they have 9, 10, and 12 feet.
- Yesterday I went to Home Depot to get 2x6s for the clips and realized they do have hat channel after all. I also got snips to cut the channel, some liquid nail for the drywall section I may not be able to screw, and some trim for the dresser we use for the TV.
- I ordered more clips
- I almost ordered diffusers from Decware ( but didn't because each pair costs $42 to ship, which seems absurd. At $235 assembled they still need finishing. When you figure the Real Traps are completely done, and have a bass trap, its starts to not seem worth it.

I returned to the walls this week. My frustrations continued when the piece above the door cracked when I screwed it in. The 2x4s above the door are slightly longer than the door frame is wide so when I tightened the screws it was too much. Since its layer 1, I decided to leave it. I'm using 1/2 for the second layer which will flex better (I hope), and I will tape/compound the crack before I move on. I finished 3 of the remaining 4 pieces this weekend. 1 to go plus around the door. Then caulking. I think Gregg is coming over on Wednesday to help me.

This afternoon I spent about an hour making a tiny little trim piece for the dresser. I had to cut down a bigger piece of trim, and then cut these tiny corner pieces. I put it in place without glue, and it looked good, so I went downstairs to get the glue. On the stairs a realized a left my painstakingly cut pieces on the floor and Flower had a taste for wood. By the time I got back upstairs she had one in her mouth. Luckily Jamie fished it out before it got damaged. I had to get my fingers pretty close to the saw to make this tiny section.

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