Thursday, March 4, 2010


On the plus side I found hat channel today. It was at a place about a mile from work. The minus side is, after getting it into the house (which honestly wasn't very hard) I realized 7 out of 8 pieces were 9 feet long and only one was 10. What the crap. 9 feet really?!?!? I have to take them back and exchange them tomorrow. Not a big deal really but it bugs me for some reason.

I also realized I don't have enough clips because the little guy that sticks out to cover the HVAC requires a separate piece. I'm going to get a bunch more actually because the ends will not be connected to joists (they need to be too close to the wall), and I am concerned about the load they will be carrying.

So double fail. Channel and Clips more work to do.

Oh and the clips are too wide to be connected to 2x4s so I will need something wider. That's an extra trip to Home Depot.

If that wasn't bad enough I realized my floor, which I though would be super easy, is not level enough for laminate. I honestly regret buying this house. I guess its not uncommon but it just seems like everything is a problem. So my options are tile, or leveling the floor. I need to remove some tiles that are busted anyway, so there is a chance that will lower the high spots enough. Failing that I will either have to pay for the leveling from somebody who knows what they are doing, or use tile.

Lastly I tried 3 or 4 different ways to cut a narrow bit of sheet rock and all of them sucked. The ways that sucked least were the knife over a scored line, or the dremel with a clamped guide. I think I'm just going to go with the knife next time. I did make a nice piece for over the door. The second layer around the door might have to be 1/2 inch...

Tomorrow insulation more crappy cutting. etc. etc. etc.

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