Friday, January 8, 2010

More about life than anything

Not much got done in the basement this week. I did get some insulation for the ceiling, some pipe insulation and the doors for the room are sitting in the van right now (sure to be fun to get into the basement). Much cheaper than expected 115 for both. All the holes for wires and pipes are caulked up. John is coming tomorrow morning to talk about the job. The door area turned out to be more than I feel comfortable with so I'm going to ask John to do the necessary framing and installation of the doors. Then I can finish the basement framing and be done with that for a while.

Anna turned out to have a urinary tract infection which was very serious so my previous post was actually not a over-reaction. I took her to the emergency room Wednesday night, and even after getting an antibiotic it was a full 48 hrs until she was no longer spiking a fever. We were on pins and needles even on Saturday because another spike wound have meant another trip to the hospital and blood work. That would have been traumatic because Anna is deathly afraid of needles. Luckily the antibiotic did the trick and she's fully recovered now. Our pediatrician made a series of mistakes in the diagnoses culminating in an attempt on their part to prescribe an antibiotic which wouldn't have been effective (their own nurse told me as much). That's a story for another post though.

Work has been busy, I worked the last two nights, and work on the basement will have to take a backseat to Ian's derby car this weekend.

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