Sunday, January 10, 2010

End of the weekend

A slight return to normal this weekend. Saturday morning I spent with Ian cutting his derby car. We used the table saw the coping saw and the dremel. These cars are ridiculous. I welcome quality time with Ian, but I hate these freak'in cars so much. They are such a huge pain in the ass, and the reality is an 8 year old can't contribute much to the making anyway. Its just stupid. Probably fitting that they are the quintessential icon of the scouts. There is a deep truth the the 1/2 assed ness of the whole derby pageant with that of the scouts.

On the studio front John (carpenter installing the doors) couldn't stop by on Saturday because he has pink eye. We have to reschedule. Jamie and I stopped at Home Depot today and ordered all new doors for the house $199 for installation of all of them plus the cost of the doors. The doors in this house are falling apart mainly at the bottoms, splintering, so I worry about the kids. The total cost for 10 doors will be about $1400. I picked up 8 2x3s for the framing around the doors when I loaded them in here though 1 was pretty badly cracked. I was too preoccupied with making sure they were straight to notice.

I put three rolls of R30 insulation into the ceiling (75 ft). Its almost done except for 2 small spots and the void with the flex duct. The flex duct void will need something smaller. I should have some R13 left over from when I do the rest of the walls. I also fixed the uneven 2x3 to make it parallel to the inner wall I added, and I added the rest of the framing for the window. Small sounding jobs but time consuming enough to take up 3 hours Saturday, and 2.5 today. I also cleaned guitar cases out of the studio to make more room to work in there and put them on the recently built shelving.

Next I have to move a bunch of sheet rock around so I can get to the 5/8 inch stuff Gregg and I picked up. On top is the 1/4 inch which goes up stairs, followed by the 1/2 inch which goes down stairs, under which is the 5/8 inch for the studio. Tomorrow morning I will spend a little time cleaning so I can get it all in here. After all that I will start with the back wall.

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