Sunday, January 17, 2010

First Studio Wall!

Or 1/2 of it at least. Started at the back wall which is the hardest due to the amount of cutouts. Everything turned out great though. Work killed me this week. 3 builds Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, and Ian's birthday was Wednesday. He finished the 3rd Harry Potter book tonight, quite an accomplishment, a 9 year old finishing a 450 page book.

John was able to stop by Saturday, so he's putting me on his schedule. There was a hitch, the shutoff of the water sticks out too much so the doors will be recessed into the room by about 6 inches. not a big deal, but the drywalling will be a little harder.

Next up I'll be adding the boxes and wiring for the wall lights at doing more drywalling. At some point the door will keep me from continuing so hopefully I can get on John's schedule soon.

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