Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Merry Christmas it was, but since then not so merry with Anna having coxsackievirus. I will read this in the future and wonder at how a common thing like this could have me so distraught. Right now though 4 days into the cycle of this monster with vomit and fever spikes to 104 for my poor little Anna, and I'm distracted to the point of being pretty useless. Ian ran a fever tonight too, Jamie says he's had this before, so he should have antibodies, hopefully his cycle will be less severe, and of course I pray Erin can avoid this somehow. Waiting helpless sucks. I hope tonight is featureless, though there will be the scheduled 4 o'clock Tylenol run to blunt the next spike.

The outside wall got finished. It seems slowly, but I guess it went as fast as it could have. Wednesday 1st mud and tape, Thursday 2nd mud, Saturday sanding, and 3rd mud, Sunday sanding. Monday primer in the afternoon, paint at night. The result is less than perfect. Actually objectively speaking it sucks. I learned a little but not enough and was frustrated enough to more a bunch closer to paying a finisher to do the rest. Its not even so much about money as it is about failing at something you're actually trying at.

I also ran a bunch of the electrical for the room, and the Ethernet cable and box on the inside.

And the meter got moved. There is nothing really in the way now. I need to think about when I should get the door.

Ian helped me build another shelving unit today. He used tools he got for Christmas from Danny (Holly's boyfriend). He was proud and so was I, it was a very nice hour in a dismal couple of days. He also helped us rehang Jamie's shelves on the new wall. He was an angel today.

Tomorrow Gregg is helping me with a drywall run, I hope Anna is better.

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