Sunday, December 20, 2009

Weekend Update

This week was about details. I feel like I didn't do much, and maybe I didn't. The last piece of drywall went up on the outer wall. Then caulking and more caulking 2 tubes gone in no time. Then strangely the 3rd tube wouldn't die.

The junction of the drywall with the center beam was a problem I didn't know how to solve at the beginning of the weekend. I almost accidentally figured out that the table saw could shave pretty small sections of wood from some 1/2 inch pieces that were laying around the basement (I don't know where they came from). 1 Piece was three shaved sections (different widths). The walls are not close to parallel with the center beam. The thinnest area only needed backer rod.

I think the framing in there must have been done by a friend of the family... or maybe by the family themselves. Maybe they are parallel to the equator or prime meridian.

Next are two separate projects 1) the inside room insulation and electricity 2) the mudding and taping of the outer wall. 2 will have to wait until I have a block of time (probably either Tuesday if the water guy comes, or after Christmas).

In other life it snowed a foot here, time lost for that and assorted Christmas things. I took Ian and Anna shopping today at Target to pick out presents for Jamie. They were really good, very focused and full of ideas.

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