Monday, November 22, 2010

Vampires Guitar Etc.

Spent too much time working on how I want to record the guitar for Vampires. The scratch track was done mid side. I didn't like it, too scratchy and just not the sound in my head. Joel and I tried a Mazzy Star-esq sound with the Vverb. That didn't work either. I messed with the Pitchfactor some last night and got some cool sounds but none of them just right.

I settled on recording the acoustic to the looper to be miced through the Twin. The Reverb is pretty close to what I want. If Joel comes over tomorrow I want to try using the Pitchfactor on the loops.

The Trilos practiced last week. The bass amp was acting up so I took it apart and resoldered the jack joints. They were definitely broken.

Sold a guitar at the Philly guitar show. It was a Prodigy. We never clicked. Settled for $200, $50 less than I bought it for, but no Ebay hassle. Thinking about a Decimator and something from Seventh Circle. Ian wants to build a theremin, have to look into some kits...

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