Sunday, October 24, 2010

L2A2 Working

Its easy to see why the la2a is legendary. Its awesomeness cannot be exaggerated. Did a demo track with acoustic and vocals. Was blown away. Did the same track without the la2a to make sure it wasn't placebo. Its not. Its amazing how much better the track was with the la2a. Even the acoustic on a single mic sounded more "right".

Henceforth I will call it big red.

Erin turned 3 on Friday. We watched a million Diego episodes this weekend. She's making a big transition lately with more sophisticated sentences and ideas. Its so huge its hard to see.

Erin's birthday party at CEC was today. She was very shy. She had stomach issues last night. Not sure if it was that or just shyness. It was nice though, and I think she did feel pretty special. Remembering the "sick" season is not pleasant. Colds have been coming and staying around here for the last 2 weeks.

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