Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I can't believe its been almost 3 weeks since my last post.

The big news for the studio I guess is that my Manley Dual Voice Combo exhibited the troubling behavior of maxing out the gain on Channel 1 after its been running for a while. After some emails to Manley support (which is pretty great) and some looking at the schematic it seemed that the gain pot was the problem. I had to order a matched set of pots from Manley for $20 and after shipping it was more like $30. The replacement would have been really simple except for the fact that all the control nuts are recessed in the front panel. I had to buy a deep 5/16th socket and Dremel in down so it could fit in the narrow opening. After that it was pretty easy, just the usual desoldering annoyance. I tested it last night and its working, but I will have to leave it on a few hours to determine if its fixed.

Also I bought a Behringer V-Verb which was cool for the 3 hours that it worked. I sent it back for repair, hopefully they can repair it.

While the DVC was on the service bench I took the time to figure out why my RNC wasn't working for me. Turns out the Neutrik splitters were not right for the application. I had to scrape off one of the traces to get it to do what I wanted. Also its necessary to use TS connectors, TRS don't work. It is a really nice compressor though. Its like its not there, it just does its job.

I also played a bit with my ART tube pre. Its sounds pretty terrible, but its a terrible that may be useful at some point. Some of the settings have pretty huge e.q. effects. The low cut ones may be useful. The "warm" ones sound pretty bad.

Rob is coming to record at the studio early next month. It will be the first recording-only sort of thing I'll be doing there.

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