Sunday, July 25, 2010

Life with the studio

I've "moved in" at this point. Spending every night down there now. Gregg and Jeff came over this week for the first band jam in there. We played pretty late, no issues with noise, its great not to have to worry about the neighbors the kids etc. We recorded 4 songs with lots of good ideas in them. Jeff and I switched on guitar/bass.

I miced the kit with just overheads. The bass direct, and the guitar. The recordings sound nice. So nice I think it might be worth trying to record as a band in there. The kick needs reinforcement and there was some clipping on the kit. The overheads need to be padded.

I've also been doing some acoustic guitar recording for "9 men". I recorded a first try, but then changed the progression slightly and slowed the tempo. I think the second recording has the right vibe. I recorded the acoustic using the mid-side technique with the Josephson e22s, and The AT4050. I was trying some Harvestish drums last night that I might mess around with some more.

In other news we celebrated Anna's birthday this week 3 times! Once on Tuesday (the actual day), on Thursday (combined birthday for Joel and Anna), and today at a gymnastics place. The kids had a great time but it was really really hot. I also started the grid for the ceiling in the basement, and got as far as I could in Ian's room. Need to pickup up some stuff at Lowes tomorrow.

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