Sunday, June 13, 2010

Slow Week

My traps from GIK arrived on Monday. They are ok. Sort of amateur-ish looking IMO. I made some tracks, the room is definitely less boomy with them. Wednesday the Ready Acoustic stuff arrived. The order was wrong but it can be made to work. The product is pretty nice, but I can't figure out how they can be so messed up and not implode.

I went to practice Thursday night for this Saturday's gig, and my computer wouldn't start. Long story short, after a wasted night I was pretty sure my Motu card was broken. *Luckily* they messed up the drivers and had a emergency fix before the end of Saturday. I updated tonight and everything seems to be working.

This was another really busy work week. Hopefully it goes back to normal this week. We were camping all weekend so I'm pretty exhausted, and nothing got done. I built 3 ready traps, and put the wires on tonight to hang them. Maybe I will hang them tomorrow night. I should go pretty quickly. I still need to figure out how to hang the ceiling ones...

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