Monday, May 31, 2010

Weekend Update

So close to being done.

This week was really busy at work, 11 hour days. Code complete for the project, so I didn't work in the morning at all.

- Did the second stain coat of the desk on Tuesday night. Joel and I sat in the studio and played guitars for a 1/2 hour. It was the first time I actually enjoyed being in the room!
- Wednesday Dave canceled practice. I talked to Joe and tidied up all the while cleaning layers of dust off everything before moving it into the room.
- Thursday I was monkeying around with the Ethernet cable. I couldn't get the cable to work after two tries with the crimping tool, so I just used another of the female connectors. I also updated my Motu drivers which was a pain in the ass.
- Friday I was worn out from the week. I cleaned up downstairs to prep for John coming over to do the doors. I also stopped at Home Depot and picked up a bunch of screws for the thresholds. John didn't use them anyway, he had some of his own.
- Saturday John was here at 8 and he did the remaining cutting/sanding of the doors. I cut the thresholds using the miter saw which worked great. John suggested I use regular stops and mount the Zero ones I got on top, so after he left I went to Home Depot and got the stops and some wood to cover the crack between the jams. I did the first coat of paint when I got home, and the second later that night. I also caulked the window and good stuffed a spot around the vent that wasn't air tight.
- Sunday we went to Joey's Memorial day party. It was a very nice time, great to see everyone, drink superb beer and jam a bit at the end. I was tired when we got back but I cut the stops anyway.
- This morning I put up the stops and cut and installed all the Zero stuff. I also spent a little time cleaning up tools etc. so I can extract the drum set from the closet!

I did some noise tests today. Anna has the loudest voice imaginable. We had her scream in the room with the doors closed. We could hear her, but it was pretty faint. The real test will be the kit.

At the very least I can play my guitar loud without upsetting anyone, and mix/master as loud as I need to.

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