Friday, May 14, 2010

Floor 99% done

Finished the floor tonight. I have one little piece to cut around the door where the gap is too big but it should be pretty easy to do.

Tomorrow I will get some trim at Home Depot. I might have to wait to figure out the treatments before I install though...

For posterity

- Friday I made the crazy cork piece that was all weird shaped. And I think I did one of the undercuts which was a real PITA. The stupid saw was reversible and the blade kept popping out.
- Saturday I did the second undercut in the afternoon.
- Sunday night I think I did the last two full rows.
- Monday night I jig sawed the two pieces around the door and then realized there was no way they could fit in because they need to be lifted and the undercut doesn't allow that.
- Tuesday I called Dupont and they told me to chisel the speed bump and use carpenter glue. I confirmed this at the Warrington HD on the way home from my hair cut. Joel came over that night and after trying a couple different ways to avoid using glue I ended up finding a way to put the pieces in only having to chisel the short side speed bump. It worked out really nicely.
- Thursday night I finished the last row and did all the circular saw cutting for the last section.
- This morning I jig sawed the corners of the last piece and tonight I put them in.

I also cleaned the work area which was covered with laminate dust.

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