Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Weekend

We had a nice weekend, the weather was great. Jamie and I got a ton done too. This weekend officially started yard work season. The kids earned some $$$ collecting sticks, the grass got cut, Jamie started and completed a big project of moving the kids playhouse off the deck onto some flag stones she placed. She's also working on the side of the house.

Studio wise...

- On Thursday night I started working on the dry walling around the outside of the door.
- On Friday night Ken and Dave did a second coat on the two rooms. I continued working on the first layer of drywall around the door.
- On Saturday I finished the first and second layer of drywall. I had only planned on having one layer on the outside of the door, but John left me room for two, which is good because the door is a weak point in the room. I want to finish the framing so I even did a little compounding over a seam on the hinge side of the door. (most of the seam will be covered anyway).
- Today (Easter!) I did a tiny bit of compounding and started framing the last bit of wall. Tomorrow morning I will do the last bit of compounding and continue framing. I should be good to have the framing done early in the week, maybe even by tomorrow night.

Other stuff...

The kids had two egg hunts today one here one at my parents. They stayed there until 4. I found out tonight that Anna was in a bikini top and shorts wading in the creek. I asked why I hadn't heard about that earlier and Anna said "What happens at grandma's stays at grandma's".

Criag's list is a worthless piece of crap. One nibble on the Blues Jr. and that's it. $375 is much less than the Tweeds go for on Ebay. I still need to raise about $300 for treatments, not sure what to do next.

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