Sunday, April 18, 2010


The floor is cracked all over. From what I know right now there isn't an easy fix. I talked to Dave today and he and Ken are going to have a look. I think the most likely possibility is to fix the really bad spots and then put on the laminate and hope it holds up ok. Its all the tile under that's causing the problem. I guess there were a bunch of loose tiles that I missed. I'm surprised its this bad though.

There are some products that might help. I asked the flooring guy at Home Depot today and he suggested a Henry product. There is also a sealer from the same company that makes the self leveler. Its really expensive though. $130 for enough to do one coat and they recommend two.

I checked out the laminate. Its not cheap. Dupont is the good brand that Home Depot carries. Maybe I'll check out Lowes tomorrow. Those cracks take all the fun out of it though...

I started the wiring last night. I did the first wall which was super easy (one receptacle and it was the end run), and the side wall with the vents etc. I also but the HVAC vent in, and finally put up the return vent. The cracks have me too bummed to want to take pictures though :(

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