Sunday, December 6, 2009

End of the weekend

Breaking early. Had a nice b-day party at the rents today. Mom actually bought me Mastodon Blood Mountain :)

I finished all the insulation on the outer wall in the studio that I can do ahead of the water dept. guy adding some slack. I also added another 11 bats of insulation to the basement wall and stapled everything.

Next up I have a little framing left in the studio. Some more 2x3 renforcers and I have to figure that window out. Next I need to clear the mess in the last picture so I can start drywalling there. This wall need to get started to do the electrical, and the outside wall needs to get done before the inside one. The other wall needs the meter moved so I can figure out how to finish framing. I picked up a couple of shelving units today to take the place of the storage I am removing.

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