Sunday, December 13, 2009

Another wall almost done

Worked on the outside back wall the last 3 days. I actually got farther than I thought, though it feels like it took a long time to get this far. As I recall;

- Friday I stated by clearing out the project space, framing a little section around the HVAC (which turned out to be unnecessary), and made a couple of fancy little sections around the vents. I got to use the dremel to cut circles which worked really well. Later I put the first piece of drywall against the wall, but only realized when I put it up that there was no 2x3 along the wall. I sort of threw it in there with the drywall standing there on its own.
- Saturday I put up the long horizontal piece with two outlet cutouts. I had to do some cutting with it in place. I forget the little tabs on one. On the other oddly the box sticks out past the receptacle tabs so with the drywall in place there is nothing to hold the receptacles out. I used some backing rod to fix this but I wonder what the "right" solution is. Sugar has a crazy disease that makes her walk in circles so I didn't work in the morning at all. I lost an hour at night somehow and ended up finishing at 12:30. Anna was at a sleepover, she did great and wasn't scared at all.
- Sunday with Ian and Anna at my parents, and Erin sleeping I did the "step" piece and cut the piece that fits around the second HVAC hole. The last piece was a bit messy but its good enough.

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