Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Work Update

I put the one roll of insulation I have into the ceiling in preparation to frame the final wall (its parallel to the joists so I have to add perpendicular sections of 2x4 every 2 feet to support the top plate). I also re-framed a small section of the outer wall I had previously cut away when the HVAC went in. I realized I had to caulk some more in the end of the void where there is a non-airtight seem when the center beam rests under the joists. I also framed most of the side wall in the basement, and have the top plate started on the front wall. My intention is still to finish the remaining framing before returning to drywalling. Having the framing done will allow me to install a bunch of insulation that should keep the basement warmer this winter.

I have learn a little about Ethernet cable so I can wire the project room and the basement. The basement also needs coaxial cable run for the upstairs and downstairs tvs.

This weekend was very busy 8:30-10 h1n1 clinic, 10:30-12:00 Anna was invited to a ice stating bday party 2:30-4 Ian had soccer practice, 5-6 church, then at 8:45 I went with Jeff to see the band of Troy my old guitar teacher. They played a nice set of originals. Sunday was soccer at 8, 11 and 1 and I cut the grass a final time and cleaned up all the leaves. That pretty much took me to dinner prep and bedtime!

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