Monday, October 26, 2009

This weekend's Progress

Finished mudding the messy corner of the closet sheetrock that I had to cut in place because I didn't realize it wouldn't fit when Gregg and I put it in. That's really it for the studio this weekend. I also started taping off the wall for priming and painting.

Did a lot in the main basement, ripped down the back wall paneling, put up a moisture barrier, ran the wall electric line, installed two outlets, and insulation. This morning I cut the shelving where the HVAC will be installed on Friday. Anna was my helper this weekend, and I discovered last night that three scrap pieces of 2x4 had been converted to 3 block "puppies". At least one was named Woodie. She was going to sleep with one but then realized it wasn't well suited to snuggling when they banged heads.

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