Friday, October 2, 2009

Catch Up - Done so far...

- Removed drop ceiling
- Removed Paneling
- Had gas line moved into between the joists (was hanging below)
- Remove the door, and some of the old framing around the water meter
- Had a electrical junction box moved
- Moved the phone connections coming into the house into the other room.
- Cleaned up lots of crap between the joist
- Un-wired the room's existing electricity
- Added framing where the closet was under the stairs, framed the door way on the side opposite my room
- Laid the sole plate for the two inner walls
- Framed the back wall
- Ordered a new window
- Got an estimate for HVAC work for $625 to replace the duct running through the top of the room with flexible 7" tubing with R-8 insulation inside, and and a new send/return to the room
- Finished (as of today) putting drywall in 3 of the 8 voids between the joists

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