Sunday, February 27, 2011


Vampires - still working on it. Hoping to have the drums done this week.

Studio - Realized I can do external sends which allows me to use the v-verb as an effect, and to mix through the mastering e.q. I'm a bus compressor away from being able to master too bad I'm out of stuff to sell! I did a test with a mix for Dave with the RNC, but it I think it messed up the drums a bit. Some of the toms sounded a little pinched.

When trying to use the RNC I realized it wasn't working correctly so I had to fuss with it for the 3rd time to get it working. I made 4 balanced -> unbalanced cables so now I can patch it with balanced cables (like everything else). That frees up the 2 nice TS cables I use to use to patch for effects.

Pultec - Board is stuffed and most (maybe all) of the chassis drilling is done. The on/off switch in the BOM doesn't fit the case (which is drilled for to work like the real one). Question out for an appropriate part. Tonight I wired the 5 pots.

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