Thursday, April 15, 2010

Walls painted

This week was all over. Tuesday the floor was ready to be finished and I planned to poly it over. It was all dusty though, and there was a thick residue in one section in particular. I called Dave about it. Luckily Ken needed his radio anyway so he swung by. Its all ok. I'm not gonna poly though, I'm going with the original plan to put laminate down. Need to get that happening soon.

Jamie helped me a ton with the painting. Cut-in and first coat last night, second coat tonight. It looks pretty nice. The walls make me think of Jeff's childhood room. They are more greenish than I thought they would be. Looks nice. The white ceiling really contributes to the illusion of a higher ceiling, its pretty amazing.

I got some mic stands for the kit on Ebay. Pretty expensive ($322) but they are Atlas stands that I think will hold up forever. The booms are extensible which will help in my little room.

Today over lunch I faxed Zero for a price quote. No response yet. I hate fax.

Tomorrow night Ian and I are going camping. This weekend is going to be busy. I'm going to have to start up the war on two fronts again. Ian's room needs the trim finished for the windows, and I have to sand the floor. I have to get on John's schedule as soon as I know when the floor will be done.

I sold the Blues Jr. on Saturday. One guy was interested and he really wanted it. I set it up in the living room with the Tele. It sounding fantastic. I was feeling really bad when the guy left. I spent the rest of the day hoping he would call me and complain that something wasn't right with it so I could get it back. I feel better about it now. Its good not to get attached to things. I owned that amp for 15 years. Crazy.

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