Sunday, February 7, 2010

Weekend Update


Finished the ceiling in Ian's room to be. The kids saw the scrap drywall as canvas. That's why kids are so wonderful, they see these things. The adult rub was that they couldn't keep their artwork because the drywall crumbles on the sides. Ian's simple solution was a tape frame.


John put the doors in. There is still work to be done. The stops, the gasketing and the thresholds. Not sure when they get done, but surely before the rest of the room.

Working on some framing for the last wall where the existing 2x3s are warped, but I ran out of 2x3s so I had to pick up a couple more today. I'll have to run the line for the audio cables through the wall before I put up the drywall. Some soldering somewhere, not sure where/when to do it. Needs to get figured out, too tired to worry about it now. Also I put up the last insulation in the room 3 rolls of 25 ft almost. It was hard to get the insulation in because it was so tight at the bottom, the top was a pain too. I was breathing heavy putting it in. Only took an hour or so, kids at my parents Erin and Jamie napping. Me working. It will be good when this is done.

Saints won the super bowl. Payton cried a little. Also it snowed a crap load this weekend, maybe 16 inches or so. Hard to say exactly it was blowing all around. The kids played with Katie and Jacob for 3.5 hours. I think that's why Jamie needed a nap today.

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