Friday, December 4, 2009

Day off...

...was not without its challenges. The hydrolic cement 4.5 to 1 ratio ruined the first batch I made. More liberal ratios yielded better results. The porthole is not completely filled to the wall but I think its ok. I also put up plastic on the outer wall. I still need to turn the corner, that should be tomorrow morning. I realized that the framing for the window is really un-level. I'm going to try cutting the nails with the reciprocating saw and level it. Another new adventure. Otherwise I will have to rip the section out and re-frame it.

On the rest of the basement the big check mark is replacing the cable wire run through the joists which was a bunch of short wires connected together with a single piece. This turned into a big project because the new piece wouldn't snake through the wall and my framing prevented me from getting my fingers in to help. I had to cut a section of the top plate out to feed the new wire, and then fix it after. The walls are really for insulation now though.

I also ran a second cable for a future downstairs tv and install the plate. What else... I put up a few pieces of insulation I had laying around.

Really tired tonight. Can't believe its 11 already.

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