Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Finished step 1 (finally)

Finished completely and utterly the fist ceiling step yesterday. All voids drywalled and caulked. I caulked the outer wall next to the steps too so that I wouldn't have to think about caulk again for a while. I'm really glad this step is finished, I burnt out on the 7th one and the 8th really felt like drudgery. It was sort of a worse case with difficult braces, an irregular shape at one end, the gas line running through the middle and non-parallel sides. I imagined that I would celebrate this step, but Ian, then Anna, and now Jamie are sick with a nasty virus and its taken the fun out of things for a while.

Next I have a couple of holes to fill where the room butts up against the center beam in the basement. There are two I think. One I will probably use to run power to the room. The other will need to be caulked (sigh). I only have enough insulation on hand for two voids anyway. For the most part the next couple of weeks will be spent doing the remaining framing and preparation of the outer cement walls (moisture barriers the porthole etc.) and installing electrical outlets and lights. At some point I need to get the water meter moved and the door figured out. Then the second outer wall will go up followed by the inner walls. Finally I will complete the ceiling with rc-2 green glue, etc. Lastly the door, and floor.

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